COLOR: Ruby red tending to garnet.

SCENTS: Intense on the nose with balsamic notes of berries and tobacco with a light vanilla undertone.

CHARACTERISTICS: Full, velvety, savory taste with ripe and balanced tannins.


Produced only in suitable years, selecting the best Sangiovese bunches. The must ferments in stainless steel tanks, where it is left to macerate on the skins for a longer period than the Chianti Classico, which as a period of aging has a minimum of 12 months. After fermentation the wine passes to the maturing part in barrique for a period of 30 months. Once bottled, it is kept in the cellar for the necessary sharpening in taste and body, before entering the market. Fruity, spicy, enveloping in the mouth, where elegance, structure, finesse and balance of tannins give life to a wine of great consistence and longevity.